Our turnkey program includes a full offering of online marketplace management services:

Our turnkey program includes a full offering of online marketplace management services:

account set-up | Channel Marketplace Sales

Account Set Up

Proper prep work, foundation and a solid start are critical to a successful launch on each online marketplace. Our marketplace account setup and validation services begin with a thorough understanding of your product catalog and goals.

Your M2C team will then use that information to complete all the set-ups required. These including services such as marketplace account set-ups, all payment option set-ups, listing data templates, ad templates, shipping and fulfillment check-lists and set-up, API connections between manufacturer and fulfillment centers, and more. 

Multi-Channel Marketplace Sales - Product Listings

Product Listings

Great listings produce great results. 

The way your product listings are built, optimized and maintained can have a powerful effect on how profitable your brand can be on each online marketplace.

Each marketplace has their own set of listing and data feed requirements. Our highly skilled listing experts work with you to  create, manage and update your content to ensure the best shopping experience and to maximize your results.

"US B2B Ecommerce is expected to grow to $1.13 trillion by 2020"

 [Forrester Research]

Online Marketplace Shopping


Smooth experiences brings customers back.

Online buyers expect fast shipping, transparent pricing and an easy to navigate checkout experience. Making sure every aspect of the online transaction with your brand is a pleasant experience is essential to building a community of customers who keep coming back.

Your M2C team will help you take advantage of every opportunity to enhance the buyer experience of your brand on online marketplaces. Optimizing the transaction experience is one such area of opportunity. From setting up multiple purchasing options to important decisions about returns,  payment processing,  order changes and more, we will help you optimize the customer experience. 

M2C - Channel Sales | Ebay Amazon Marketplace

Inventory Management

You can't sell it if it is not on the shelf. 

Whether you're selling hundreds or thousands of products/SKUs, inventory management plays a big part in the success of online marketplace selling. Too much inventory ties up capital. Not enough inventory means missed sales opportunities and a bad customer experience when you can't deliver on time. You also run the risk of losing favorable seller status if a marketplace decides that you are overselling or listing products that are out of stock.

Your M2C team will help you stay on top of things with a comprehensive inventory management service that eliminates the hassles and simplifies the process.  From updating inventory status and removing unstocked listings to reporting, analysis and reordering, we help ensure that you are maintaining the right level of stock to maximize your sales.

fulfillment | M2C Turnkey Marketplace Management for Manufacturers

Fulfillment and Shipping

You sold it - now get it to the customer.

The success of your marketplace sales is riding on your fulfillment strategy. Delivery time, costs, and options are important to buyers and the bar has been set pretty high.  Buyers have come to expect exceptionally fast and accurate delivery when shopping online. And if shipping is free, even better.

Whether you fulfill orders from your own warehouse(s), have them drop shipped from a distributor, or do a mix of both, M2C will help you set-up, integrate and execute the fulfillment strategy that works best for your  marketplace sales. We can help you make fulfillment and shipping a competitive advantage.

M2C Marketplace Selling | Customer Service

Customer Service

Your place or ours? Call center capabilities staffed to your standards.

When so many prices and products are similar,  a positive customer experience is one important way to differentiate your brand from the competition.  People talk. A bad experience can loose you a customer and create negative buzz while a good experience does the exact opposite.

At M2C we can support you online marketplace strategy by ensuring that when the customer has a question or a concern - there is someone there to help.   Our optional customer service program is customized to your standards and includes; first level support, seasonal hours variations, call in buyer support, timely email responses, metrics and much, much more. Making sure the buyer enjoys the experience of shopping with you is key.

M2C Marketplace Selling | Customer Service

Post Transaction Maintenance

Happy customer, happy bottom line!

Returns and refunds are a reality and the customer is always right - right? When post-sale issues come up,  That customer interaction can be an opportunity to engage and delight the customer. Research shows that customers who have an “outstanding” experience (even if it's a return) buy again, post positive reviews and tell family, friends and colleagues. We also know from research that increasing customer retention by even 5% results in as much as a 25-95% increase in sales (Harvard Business School). 

In addition to customer service support, M2C offers post-sale customer marketing programs to engage the customer and increase retention and sales.