eBay Marketplace Management

eBay Marketplace Management Services for Manufacturers ​

eBay is one of the oldest and most popular online marketplaces for buying and selling  products and services around the world. With close to 200 million registered users, eBay generates billions in sales across a wide variety of product categories. Manufacturers now have a partner to help them reach customers on the eBay sales channel and avoid the time, cost and uncertainty of a 'DIY' effort.

You can skip the learning curve, with M2C by your side.

eBay Marketplace Management Services - M2C

Expand your sales channels with M2C's team of knowledgeable eBay experts. 
Save time and get your eBay business up and running quickly and correctly. M2C offers a turn-key eBay Marketplace Management services for manufacturers who want to take advantage of manufacturer-to-consumer (M2C) direct selling. Let our experts handle the details of set-up, launch and ongoing management of your eBay sales channel.

  • eBay account set-up and management 
  • eBay product listing and feeds management
  • eBay inventory management and fulfillment management
  • eBay logistics management
  • eBay customer service 
  • eBay post transaction management
  • eBay channel performance and insights

Get Help Selling on eBay 

"There are 170 million buyers on eBay"

Source: DMR Business Statistics, as of 1/31/2018

"There are 250+ million daily searches on eBay"

Source: DMR Business Statistics, as of 1/31/2018