Sunbelt Research Selects M2C to Launch Tree & Plant Spray Brand on Amazon and eBay

Plymouth, Michigan – April 18, 2018 – Sunbelt Research II, manufacturer of environmentally safe all natural tree and plant sprays, has chosen M2C to list their products on some of the world’s top online retail marketplaces.  

“We turned to M2C to help us execute and manage our Amazon and eBay direct-to-consumer strategy because they do all the heavy lifting, said Andrew Kulikowski, Owner of Sunbelt Research II. Their turnkey program handles everything from product listings to inventory, orders, fulfillment and even customer service. This allows us to tap into the full potential of these sales channels quickly and profitably.”


Sunbelt Research II has a mission to protect trees and plants … and the planet. Safe for plants and safe for the environment, Sunbelt’s all natural Citrus Spray Solution (C.S.S.) line of plant sprays are ideal for organic gardening and sustainable agriculture. The sprays protect plants and trees from disease and insect damage, reduce the amount of fertilizer required and encourage maximum yield and growth.

“M2C is honored to have earned the right to work with Sunbelt Research II, an innovative organization with heart," commented Brad Burns, M2C Co-founder. Helping them list their products on the world’s top online marketplaces means bringing a great brand to the attention of millions of consumers and buyers who share their vision.”

About M2C: M2C (manufacturer-to-consumer) is a channel marketing-as-a-service company helping manufacturers showcase and sell their inventory across top online marketplaces. M2C program goals combine brand and pricing protection with sales growth for manufacturing clients of all sizes and product verticals. We do all the heavy lifting to launch, maintain, analyze and optimize your online marketplace product catalog and maximize your opportunities to reach new customers. Turnkey services and predictable pricing take the guess work and hassle out of expanding into new online sales channels for domestic and international manufacturers selling in the United States.  To learn more contact us at

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About Sunbelt Research II:  The focus of Sunbelt Research II is to protect plants and trees from disease and to encourage maximum fruit yield and growth. Our Citrus Spray Solution (C.S.S.) line of plant and tree sprays are safe for plants and safe for the environment. They are formulated with an environmentally friendly all natural vegetable oil base and nutritional properties that reduce the amount of fertilizer required. Ideal for organic vegetable gardening and sustainable agriculture, our sprays offers an effective, economical and convenient solution to control, protect and treat bacterial, viral, and vector related diseases and harmful insects. To learn more contact us at 239-945-2478, , or visit us at

Product Lines include;
Sunbelt Research II C.S.S. Citrus Tree Spray Solution
Sunbelt Research II P.T.S. Palm Tree Spray Solution